Magnifi Online is a digital performance advertising agency specializing in paid search, product ads, remarketing, mobile, and video. Here’s what makes us different from the agency you’re fed up with, or the 100 who keep calling you:


    We’ve been doing AdWords since it was a thing to do and we hire only dedicated and experienced professionals who are AdWords certified. You can be sure we’ll bring cutting-edge strategies to your campaigns.


    If you know all the lingo and want to go hands on, we speak your language. If you have no experience (or time) and want us to handle everything, that’s gravy too. We are firm believers that one size does NOT fit all budgets, campaigns, and businesses. We’ll guide you through the process, but ultimately, it’s up to you.


    We offer a flat-fee pricing structure that’s based on how much work we do for you, not the size of your budget. The more we grow your ROI, the more our price stays the same.


    If it isn’t working out, just pick up the phone and cancel. No need to write an “it’s not you, it’s me” speech. We’re so sure you’ll stay, we’ll bet our business on it.


MagnifiOnline's clients


active under Magnifi management on Google AdWords as of August 3, 2015


Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords + Bing Ads

This is our core competency.

SEM, PPC, Paid Search ... we've been doing it about as long as Google's been around.

Remarketing and Display

Banner Ads + Rich Media

Create brand awareness + ensnare likely buyers.

We know how to turn browsers into buyers.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Ads, Sites + Apps

Convert visitors across devices.

Reach consumers on every screen in this constantly connected world.

Product Listing Ads

Comparison Shopping Engines

Get your products online.

We can set-up and optimize your product datafeed and product ads.


Kris Hutchinson

Kris Hutchinson

CEO + Founder

Coty DiSalle

Coty DiSalle

Account Manager

Audrey Hutchinson

Audrey Hutchinson

Office Manager



  • What We Learned Last Week: August 10-16, 2015

    Here are our key learnings from last week in the digital space: Google created an umbrella company, Alphabet, to separate its money-making businesses (AdWords and YouTube) from its moonshot businesses (almost everything else it does). BMW owns the domain alphabet.com and has no intention of selling. Amazon is sunsetting its product ads and replacing them […]
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  • What We Learned Last Week: August 3-9, 2015

    Here’s the big search and display news from last week, in case you missed it: Google is rolling out a really, really cool Report Editor tool that lets you create pivot tables, as well as formatted charts, within the AdWords web interface. Google is now showing up to three mobile search ads in the top […]
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  • What We Learned Last Week: July 20-26, 2015

    Here’s a summary of the things we learned last week: Google has launched a new tool called Google Manufacturer Center where Manufacturers can now upload specific product data such as images, specifications, and descriptions. This tool creates an opportunity for manufacturers to enrich the buying experience by giving customers accurate and consistent information about their […]
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  • Client Satisfaction Grades for Magnifi Online

    Hello! If you’re our client, you already know that we care a lot about your satisfaction. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. You also know that we offer month-to-month contracts so you’re always free to take your business elsewhere. We work tirelessly to make sure you don’t do that, though! To that end, we ask […]
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  • Advertising on Facebook For Small Businesses

    Remember when you started your business and everyone said that you need to advertise on Facebook? Well they were right, but not because it drives sales. Really it’s because that is the only way for people to see your content. They are hamstringing small business owners by dramatically undercutting organic content in favor of multimedia […]
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  • Google to Automatically Resize Image Ads

    Image ad creation is getting a little easier for the Google Display Network. We just found out that soon, you’ll be able to get 95% coverage on the GDN by using merely three banner ad sizes: 728×90, 300×250, and 160×600. Google will automatically resize those on-the-fly to capture impressions from similar ad sizes like 468×60, 336×280, and 120×600, respectively. This will […]
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