How To Keep Bing Ads In Near-Perfect Parity With Google AdWords

Bing Ads has stepped up their game with the new-and-improved Google Import feature. With this tool, you can import your existing Google AdWords campaigns straight into Bing Ads with a few clicks of the mouse, and schedule it to re-sync automatically on a recurring schedule. Follow these step-by-step instructions to save time and keep your Bing Ads account synced with Google AdWords.

Pro Tip: Create Holiday Shopper Remarketing Lists

We know it’s a busy time of year right now, but we wanted to share a quick tip that you can quickly implement today and utilize again and again over the coming year.

The idea is simple: create a remarketing list of people who purchase from your site this holiday season. Then, you can keep the holiday momentum going by targeting your post-holiday promotions to these primed buyers. You can also use the list for other key holidays and promos throughout the year. And if you set the duration high enough, you can even remarket to that list next holiday season. Guaranteed it will be a top-performer.

New AdWords Features to Test Out

Google's been on a tear of new product rollouts this month. Here are the most interesting ones that I wanted to bring to the spotlight: Expanded Text Ads, Price Extensions, Imported Call Conversions, Software Subscription Ads, Cross-Device Conversion Tracking by Default, Showcase Shopping Ads, improvements to Dynamic Search Ads, GDN Responsive (Native) Ads, and Google Premier Partners.

How to Make Banner Ads That Get Clicked and Drive Conversions

Google makes it incredibly easy to run text ads across the Google Display Network. But for advertisers who want to use banner ads, it’s a little trickier. You either need to have an in-house designer, use a freelance designer, or make them yourself using Google’s ad templates. None of these options are without their own challenges, and we’ll walk you through common pain points and keys to success of each.