Google Grants and Grants Pro - Free Search Advertising Dollars for Nonprofits

Did you know that Google offers $10,000 and $40,000 in free search engine advertising dollars to charities and nonprofits? This free money can be used to promote the nonprofit in its local market and nationwide, and is available month-after-month as long as the organization maintains the strict program requirements.


The base program is called Google Grants and provides $10,000 per month in paid search advertising budget. The premium program is called Google Grants Pro and provides $40,000 per month in search dollars, month after month. That’s almost $500,000 in advertising each year! There are some additional requirements to qualify for the Grants Pro program, but it’s well worth the extra work.


The problem though, is that so many charities are not taking advantage of this amazing offer! Why not? It seems that a lot of nonprofits just don’t have the bandwidth and skillset to effectively manage a Google AdWords account.


That’s where Magnifi Online can help. We’ve created a special SEM program that helps nonprofits through a structured program that’s light on resources and high on return:


  1. First, we consult with you to understand your goals and figure out how the Google Grants dollars can best be deployed.
  2. Next, we work directly with our contacts at Google to get you accepted and on-boarded into the program quickly and painlessly.
  3. We do all the heavy lifting of account setup and build-out, using our time-tested methodologies and best practices.
  4. You review all ad copy and keywords to ensure they adhere to your brand guidelines.
  5. We launch your Google AdWords account and handle all the day-to-day analysis, optimization, and maintenance so you can focus on other things.
  6. At the beginning of each week and each month, we deliver a detailed performance report, highlight key insights and takeaways, and recommend action items for both short- and long-term improvement.
  7. We’ll meet with your team regularly to review results, discuss strategies, and brainstorm opportunities.

There are a number of requirements your nonprofit must meet in order to get in and stay in. Magnifi Online can help you take full advantage of the Google Grants and Grants Pro offers. Contact us today to get started.