Google Now Reviewing Paused Ads

In a move we’ve been requesting for years, the Google AdWords editorial team has begun reviewing all new ads regardless of their status, rather than waiting until the news ads been activated. (Previously, ads uploaded in paused state would not be reviewed until they were activated.)

The advantage of this change is that advertisers can now pre-load promotional messaging and get it reviewed prior to the promo starting. This means your ads are now eligible to appear as soon as you activate them, ensuring your new message is given maximum exposure and the best chance for success.


Use Automated Rules to Complement this Change

Advertisers who build this into their creative strategy and account management processes should also consider using Automated rules to automatically enable their new ads (and potentially pause existing ads) at the exact hour the promotion starts (helpful if the change is scheduled for the middle of the night).


Ad Delivery – Let Google Auto-Optimize or Show Ads Evenly

Finally, consider your “ad delivery” campaign settings. If set to “optimize for clicks” or “optimize for conversions”, your new ads may not get a fair share of impressions right away, which could hurt your ability to gauge the performance of your new ads. Consider using even ad rotation if you want to get a solid comparison of your new and old ads, or simply pause your old ads when the new ones turn on.

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