Google's Search Is Over: Magnifi Online Scores Big with Google Content Network

Google is an impressive company, but what impresses Google? Magnifi Online does, and Google wants you to know all about it.


In a recent case study, Google details how its content and search networks were used in tandem and to near-magical effect by search engine marketing agency Magnifi Online for its client,


This rare move by Google -- publicly singling out a search engine marketing company for praise -- is yet another trailblazing success story for Magnifi Online founder, Kris Hutchinson, a search engine marketing pioneer for more than a decade.


"Our client was looking for what most companies look for when they enter the SEM space: maximum exposure, minimum investment. We were looking for opportunities to deliver and found ourselves focusing more and more on the Google content network, which has been a losing proposition for most paid search management companies."


"We realized that by running a few Placement Performance Reports and treating the content and search networks like they should be treated -- as different channels with different audiences -- we could get a lot more bang for our buck and for our clients' bucks, too."


"Magnifi Online optimized our account for the Google search network and content network, helped us to understand the nuances of each, and successfully managed ROI-positive campaigns that generated 40% more conversions in 2007 than in the prior year!" said Marketing Director, Ron Grinblat.


"Getting kudos by having Google use us for a case study was the icing on this cake," says Hutchinson. "But the sweetest part was figuring out the Google content network, and getting it to perform like paid search should."


Read the Google case study here.