Hate Mail to Bing Ads

I’m going to rant about Bing Ads for a bit.

To all my friends and valued partners at Microsoft and Yahoo, this is not directed at you. It’s not your fault.

But Bing Ads just sucks. Yahoo Search Marketing sucked even worse. And Overture before that? Don’t even get me started. Sorry guys, it’s just not as good as Adwords. Never will be either. So stop trying.

Actually keep trying, just try harder. It’s been nice to see Bing Ads and Bing Ads Editor copy AdWords and the AdWords Editor more and more over the years. It makes my job easier. But the platform is still clunky, buggy, and just slightly different enough to make dealing with it a real pain in my ads.

Why won’t Google just buy you already and be done with it? I wouldn’t mind that monopoly. They could still keep the pretty pictures on bing.com and all the stories on yahoo.com, just let me serve my AdWords ads on those SERPS and save us all a lot of time and frustration.

And I bet we as an SEM community would deliver better value and more revenue to our clients, who would then spend more money on advertising. Everybody wins.

We could call it GooBiHoo. Got a better name? Would love to hear it.

Until then, I need to go copy some new keywords over from Google. Fingers crossed the Editor tool works today.