How To Keep Bing Ads In Near-Perfect Parity With Google AdWords

Bing Ads has stepped up their game with the new-and-improved Google Import feature, and we are loving it! With this tool, advertisers are able to import their existing Google AdWords campaigns straight into Bing Ads with a few clicks of the mouse.

And now, advertisers can schedule future imports to happen automatically on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Never forget to clone your latest ad copy over to Bing again! Your messaging, keywords, negatives, ad extensions, bids, and budgets will always be in sync. 

Just follow these step-by-step instructions to keep your Bing Ads account synced with Google AdWords:

Step 1. Log into your Bing Ads account, click Import Campaigns, click Import from Google AdWords, and then click Sign in to Google.


Step 2. You will be redirected to an authentication page to enter your Google sign-in information and grant Bing Ads access. (Note: we highly recommend creating a separate Google login only for Bing Ads use. Set its access level to "read only" to ensure Bing doesn't inadvertently change any of your Google campaigns.)


Step 3. Choose Your AdWords Account to sync, then click Continue.


Step 4. Select which Google AdWords campaigns you want to sync, then click Continue.


Step 5. Under Choose Import Optionsselect which options you would like. There are a lot of different options here and not all will be applicable to you. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need guidance.


Step 6. Under Schedule Imports, click When and set the schedule you want. If you make a lot of frequent changes in Google AdWords, a daily schedule makes sense. If you change Google less frequently, weekly or monthly may be more appropriate.


Step 7. Click Import for a one-time sync or Schedule if you set a recurring schedule.


Step 8. Go grab a cup of coffee or check your emails for a few minutes.


Step 9. Review the Import Summary to see which entities were newly added, updated or skipped (couldn’t be uploaded).


Step 10. You can review the imported campaigns either under the Campaigns tab or by clicking View Imported Campaigns.


While this new method for syncing Bing Ads with your Google AdWords account is very easy and efficient, there are a few things advertisers need to think during setup, and then check after your first few imports to make sure data has been imported as you would expect:

  • Ad group target language: Google lets us set one or multiple language targets at the campaign level. But on Bing Ads, for some reason, we can only set one target language per ad group. If there are multiple targeted languages in an AdWords campaign, Bing will automatically choose the one with the highest ad impressions. Bing will not import campaigns that consist of target languages that it does not support and those campaigns will be flagged with an error message: “Unsupported target language”. In most cases, you'll want to confirm that English was selected. (Bing supports English, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish.)

  • CPA bidding: Bing doesn't have CPA (cost per conversion) bidding (yet) so when a CPA bid is imported from Google it will be set as a CPC (cost per click) bid. It is highly recommended to review ad group bids after import if CPA bidding is used in AdWords. Not doing so may inadvertently set your Bing ad group CPCs way too high.

  • Bids and budgets: Bing Ads allows daily limits on campaign spend, just like AdWords, but it also has a monthly budget option. Once imported, the budget can be set at a monthly rate. Unlike Google, Bing has different minimum bid and budget requirements. For a faster import process, bids and budgets that are too low in the AdWords campaigns can be raised automatically to meet the Bing requirements. Advertisers can choose to opt out of this option, but if the campaign does not meet the requirements it will not be imported.

  • Negative keywords: Bing Ads does support broad match negative keywords. If the Google campaign has broad-matched negative keywords, they will be imported as phrase match negatives in Bing.

  • Ad distribution: Bing Ads has the search network, content network, or both. When Adwords campaigns are imported, they are mapped in the following way: (1) "Search Network with Display Select" is set to "Both"; (2) "Display Network Only" is set to "Content"; and (3) "Search Network" is set to "Search".

  • Device-type bid adjustments: Google AdWords allows -100% to +900% adjustments while Bing allows 0% to +900%. If there are negative bids coming in from Google, they will be imported as 0%.

  • Location targeting: Just like with AdWords, the location targeted must match to a corresponding location in Bing. But Bing doesn't have all the same locations that Google does. So if the location in the imported campaign does not exist in Bing, it will be mapped to the parent location. A spreadsheet can be downloaded from the import summary that will indicate which locations have been mapped to the parent locations.

  • Shopping campaigns: Before importing the AdWords shopping campaign into Bing, you need to create and setup a Bing Merchant Center store. The store then needs to be linked to the imported campaign. Shopping campaigns are available in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany. If an existing AdWords catalog is being used, the following countries are supported in the “country of sale” field: United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia. 

Additional information can be found on this Bing Ads help center article



Advertisers no longer have to manually copy Google AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads. And with the new Automated Importer feature, Bing will automatically import any changes made to your Google campaigns, ad groups, keywords, negatives, ads, and extensions. Unfortunately, not all information can be imported perfectly via this process, so it is crucial to check the campaigns after they sync. Having said that, this feature is definitely a time saver and well worth a test!

If you don't have the time to sync up your accounts, or just want some assistance to ensure you do it correctly, let us help you. Reach out today!