In-Market Audiences for Search

Google announced this week that advertisers will now have the ability to target their search ads to one of Google’s In-Market Segments. In-Market Segments have been available on the display network and Youtube for a few years now, but the ability to target them in search ads gives advertisers one more way to improve the likelihood of converting a new user.

When In-Market Segments initially rolled out on the display network, it was an exciting opportunity. Google would determine for us if someone had a high purchase intent. But so far the performance hasn’t lived up to its potential. Even when layering in more demographic factors to narrow Google’s relatively wide audience, we’ve seen better returns by targeting Custom Affinity Audiences on the display network.

Even with the history of below-average performance, it’s probably still worth the time to test In-Market Segments out on in your search ads. As with all audience adjustments, we recommend starting with them across all campaigns at a 0% bid modifier and looking at a few weeks worth of data before getting too crazy with them.