Magnifi Online Among San Diego's Top Advertising Agencies

SD Business Journal Ranks Magnifi the Fastest Growing Ad Agency

On May 11, 2009, Magnifi Online was named one of the Top 25 Advertising Agencies of 2008 by the San Diego Business Journal. Each year the journal releases its annual Book of Lists and this is the first year that Magnifi Online made the cut.

The company’s founder and CEO, Kris Hutchinson, said, “I am so honored to see our company on this list. We’re only three years old but we are truly competing with the big shops in town.”

Founded in early 2006, Magnifi Online is both the youngest ad agency on this year’s list and the fastest growing. “We may not have the most sales (yet), but we are growing faster than any other agency in San Diego,” said Hutchinson. With impressive 218% income growth over 2007, Magnifi Online outpaced other well-known interactive agencies like Geary Interactive, eVisibility, Red Door Interactive, and SiteLab.

In terms of geographic breakdown of clients, Magnifi Online was similar to NYCA, Epicenter Advertising, and 760 Media in that their 2008 client base was well diversified between local San Diego businesses, California companies, national corporations, and internationally based organizations.

Many of the agencies on this year’s list specialize in broadcast, print, direct mail, and other traditional advertising media. Meanwhile, Magnifi Online predominantly falls in the “Other” category since about 80% of the company’s sales come from online marketing services (and the balance come from web design services). Magnifi Online specializes in paid search management, search engine optimization strategy, landing page design and optimization, and social media marketing.

Hutchinson added, “our plan is to continue doing what we’ve been doing: thrilling our customers with exceptional customer service and phenomenal ROI. Despite the state of the economy, I am confident that we’ll be even closer to the top of next year’s list.”

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