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The Peloton, a luxury condo and loft community in Boulder, CO has aligned with Magnifi Online, a full-service Search Engine Marketing agency to promote their website through popular search engines.

While The Peloton had been running pay-per-click advertising on Google, Magnifi Online, working in tandem with The Peloton’s agency of record, Epiphany, Inc., recommended an advanced search engine marketing strategy. The strategy included optimizing The Peloton’s website for organic search engine rankings and simultaneously re-structure the pay-per-click search engine advertising and including conversion tracking and optimization toward The Peloton’s objectives.

“We quickly saw the opportunity to apply advanced strategies to increase targeted traffic to The Peloton’s website through SEO and PPC, while increasing the ROI on their existing Search Engine Marketing program. Our experience in optimizing PPC campaigns to deliver increased traffic and leads at lower costs was leveraged to build a successful PPC campaign for The Peloton,” says Kris Hutchinson, CEO and Founder of Magnifi Online.

Real estate is one of the most competitive industries for Search Engine Marketing as recent studies show that 3 out of every 4 homebuyers are turning to search engines to begin their search. As the industry becomes more competitive, less sophisticated advertisers often start increasing their bids wildly in an effort to stay at the top of the search results while more advertisers are competing for the same amount of traffic. The Peloton is staying ahead of the curve by proactively refining their Search Engine Marketing strategy to capture organic and paid search traffic efficiently.

Through Magnifi Online’s partnership with Epiphany, Inc., the search engine marketing strategy was integrated into The Peloton’s general marketing plan. With proven experience in generating leads for real estate developers and improving the cost efficiency of search engine marketing campaigns, Magnifi Online was able to greatly improve The Peloton’s PPC performance by utilizing smart, data-based bidding strategies; thorough keyword research and data analysis; extensive ad testing; and in-depth strategic thinking.

Magnifi Online’s approach to SEO involved providing a thorough audit and actionable recommendations for improving the website’s architecture, content, and link building techniques. Magnifi Online employed analytical keyword research utilizing industry tools to identify the most opportunistic keywords for organic rankings.

The Peloton (, a new-urban community two blocks from Boulder’s vibrant 29th Street Entertainment District, is a thriving development where luxury amenities meet a down-to-earth community atmosphere. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Freddy Halcomb says, “The Magnifi Online team has taken us to a new level of Search Engine Marketing. With full tracking and optimization capabilities we now have the full picture and can understand the cost of each lead, which has exceeded our expectations.”