New AdWords Features to Test Out

Google's been on a tear of new product rollouts this month. Here are the most interesting ones that we wanted to bring to the spotlight: 


Expanded Text Ads

We've mentioned this one a few times now, and are happy to report that we're almost done building these out throughout our accounts. Our initial tests are generally indicating higher CTRs and lower CPCs than regular text ads. 


Price Extensions

Beginning next week, we can display "from" prices in mobile text ads for products, product categories and/or services. Note these only show on mobile (for now). 


Imported Call Conversions 

Until now, our ability to distinguish call conversions from total calls was limited to the length of the call (for example, we could say that all calls over 60 seconds were conversions). Now, we can import mobile click-to-call conversion data back to AdWords and include relevant conversion data, such as how much revenue was generated. This allows us to track and optimize against sales calls only, while ignoring service calls (which may last just as long or longer than a sales call and thus were previously counted as conversions)


Software Subscription Ads

Advertisers of boxed software and SaaS that is billed annually can now run ads akin to Product Listing Ads. 


Cross-Device Conversion Tracking by Default 

Cross-device conversions measure users who perform a search and click an ad from one device, then later buy from another device (e.g., mobile search and desktop purchase). Currently, this is an optional feature and we’ve  already enabled it for some of our accounts. Going forward, it will be automatic and can be used to inform automated bidding strategies.


Showcase Shopping Ads

This is a way to showcase a collection of products in a visually rich experience. Products will begin to appear automatically in Showcase ads over the next few weeks, and a premium beta version is available to those interested that allows us to curate which products are shown.

showcase shopping ads.png


Dynamic Search Ads Improvement 

DSAs are a great way to fill in the gaps of large keyword lists or to ensure keywords match your site when there are many pages or products to manage. Until now, they have been a nice idea in theory but tended to provide traffic from some pretty broad, often irrelevant, keywords. Google has improved the algorithm and our early testing shows that keywords matched to page content are much more relevant now.


GDN Responsive Ads

Google is experimenting with a native ad format, similar to what’s available from Outbrain and Taboola. This probably only makes sense for advertisers who are already having success from GDN ads other than remarketing.


Google Premier Partner Status 

Google’s long had a program for ad agencies to earn “Partner” status, meaning they manage a certain number of accounts and ad spend, and have passed some proficiency exams. Recently they introduced “Premier Partner” status for a select number of high-end SEM agencies, and I’m happy to report that Magnifi made the cut! You can view our credentials here, and if you have a few moments, why not leave a review for us on Google Maps?


And what about Bing? 

Oh yeah, them. They just launched a mobile app (but we haven’t been able to get it to work yet) and are very slowly rolling out a bulk Editor program for Mac users (finally).
If you are a current client, let us know if you want us to prioritize any of these new features for you. If you're not yet a client and would like to find out how we can not only help you improve your online ad ROI but also implement these new features, contact us today. 
Happy Converting!