SMBs Struggle to Find Affordable, Trustworthy Marketing Providers

A recent article by Search Engine Land talks about the top challenges SMBs face when they hunt for new marketing service providers.  

56% of SMBs stated that finding a reasonably priced marketing services provider was their #1 challenge. 44% said finding a partner who provides actual value or ROI was a key challenge. Also topping the list: finding a provider they can trust (38% of SMBs) and finding a provider who understands their specific needs (35% of SMBs).

As an ad agency who provides services to SMBs, we find these numbers appalling. It is such a shame that so many small- and medium-sized businesses can't trust the companies they hire to run their marketing campaigns!

Here are Magnifi Online, we do things a lot differently.

First and foremost, we pride ourselves on taking the time necessary to understand our clients' needs and goals (including ROI targets), before an agreement is ever signed. How can we possibly recommend the right services if we don't know what you need to accomplish? How can we expect to exceed your ROI expectations if we're aiming at the wrong target?

Now let's talk about trust. When we ask our clients to grade Magnifi Online each year, our clients consistently give us near-perfect scores on trustworthiness. We believe two-way transparency is critical to a successful partnership. And along those lines, when we do make a mistake (everyone does it), we own up to it. If something goes wrong, we're not going to try and cover it up. Instead, we'll come to you with a thorough but comprehendible explanation of the problem. And, we'll always propose at least one solution to fix the issue.

Finally, let's talk about SMBs' desire for reasonably priced marketing services. We understand that most SMBs are on shoestring budgets, with marketing services and advertising funds coming right out of the founders' own bank accounts. That is why Magnifi charges its clients a flat monthly fee, instead of the traditional "% of budget" model (which we believe creates conflicts of interest and should be avoided like the plague). Sometimes, we even do performance-based/commission deals where Magnifi is compensated directly based on the results we drive for our clients.

Are you tired of overpaying for ambiguous, ineffective marketing services? If so, it's time to take Magnifi Online for a test drive. Contact us today and get started.