The Rise of Ad Blocking (And How To Fix It)

Everywhere you look these days, the digital publishing industry is reeling about the rise of ad blocking technologies and how they're going to "destroy" free content on the web.

A recent article estimated that 1 in 4 internet browsers are now using an ad blocker, and that number is only going to keep growing.

Much of the current discussion on what to do about this problem revolves around improving ad quality so that people don't feel so put off by bad creative. 

The problem isn't about quality, it's about quantity.

Articles published on Facebook and other "news" outlets have so many ads, and they're so damn intrusive, that reading an article becomes a real chore. 

Not to mention how slow it makes pages load.

The fix isn't to lean on the ad industry and demand "better" ads.

Publishers need to figure out a way to publish their content with fewer, more targeted ads...and charge more for them.