Top 5 Ways To Increase Conversion Rates

What are the key things you should be doing to improve the conversion rate of your site?

It’s time to focus on making your conversion rates better. Whether you’re generating leads or selling products, here are the top five things you should be thinking about if you want to make your landing pages better and your conversion rates higher:

  1. Identify your goal
  2. Provide a clear path
  3. Shorten the path
  4. Don’t ask for too much
  5. Keep it clear & simple


1) Identify Your Goal

The key first step to improving conversion rate is to understand what you want your site visitors to do in the first place. Is it to purchase a product or service, request more information, look at a certain number of pages, or something else altogether? Once you have a clear idea of your conversion goal (or goals), then you need to set up the proper mechanisms for tracking the percentage of visitors who complete those goals, otherwise known as the conversion rate.


2) Provide a Clear Path

Don’t distract visitors with unneeded navigational elements during the checkout process, and when there are multiple steps be sure to include some sort of graphical element that explains how far along the path the visitor is. The buttons you want your visitors to click on should be big and obvious (i.e., the “Place Order” button or the “Next” button). We recommend using an inviting color like green, orange or blue…but not red. All other links should be secondary and must not distract from your CTA or “call to action” navigational elements.


3) Shorten the Path

Website visitors are typically pretty lazy, so don’t make the conversion funnel any longer than it needs to be. For lead generation, a two-page form is almost always too long. For eCommerce, one or two-page checkout paths are ideal. Any more than that and conversion rates really start to suffer. Ask yourself this: why is this its own page and could it be combined with something else, while not over-complicating the overall process?


4) Don’t Ask for Too Much

Sales teams always want to gather as much info about their leads as possible, but asking for too much information is a conversion rate killer. Asking for phone number in addition to email will decrease conversion rate by 25% in many cases, so imagine how bad conversions are hurt when you also ask for age, gender, income, number of children, timeline for purchase, etc. You must always balance qualifying your leads with quantifying your leads.


5) Keep it Clear & Simple

Although it’s #5 on the list this is really the most important rule for improving conversion rate: keep it clear and simple. Don’t clutter the process or ask too many questions. Provide a clean, intuitive conversion funnel that invites visitors to continue on. And test rigorously. Bring customers or potential customers into your offices, give them tasks to complete and watch how they navigate your site. You’ll be amazed and will probably figure out some cool ways to improve your conversion funnel.


Next Steps to Improving Your Conversion Rate

We are here to help you reach your internet marketing goals, and we realize that conversion rate optimization is not easy. Please call us or fill out the form at the link below so we can start talking about ways to improve your conversion rates.