Product Listing Ads

Link searchers straight to Your Product Pages

If you run an ecommerce site, you need to be running PLAs (now dubbed "Shopping Ads"). These ads feature an image of your product, the product name, product price, and a direct link straight to the product details page. Conversion rates are typically high for these ad units, but more and more advertisers are jumping in and causing prices to increase as ad inventory diminishes.


There are two major components to product ads: 

  1. Your product data feed, which contains all relevant product information. This text or XML file gets uploaded to Google's Merchant Center and relies on your technical / web team to build and update. On the marketing side, you'll want to provide your web team and product merchandising teams with info on how to optimize the feed for better page ranking. This includes SEO-like optimization of the product name and description, as well as promotional text and correct categorization into Google's taxonomy.
  2. Your ad campaign, which pulls the info from your data feed, targets it to searchers, and displays the products most likely to lead to a conversion. This involves campaign structuring, bid optimization, and negative keyword sculpting.

Magnifi has a ton of experience consulting with clients and their web teams to develop optimized product data feeds, and then setting up, managing, and optimizing their related advertising campaigns. Contact us today to learn more.