Here are some nice things our clients have said about us:

“Magnifi Online has been an incredible partner. As a full-service, ROI-based advertising agency, we are always looking for ways to help our clients build their business. The search engine marketing, search engine optimization and other online programs offered by Magnifi Online have provided us with the ability to not only expand our agency offerings, but also add more value to our clients’ marketing investments. There are many companies offering SEO and SEM programs, but what sets Magnifi Online apart is their careful consideration of each client’s needs and objectives to properly match the right investment to the expected outcomes. They provide the personal touch and true sense of partnership that is hard to find these days.”
— Betsy Roddy, B2B Marketing Director, 1-800-Dentist
“The Magnifi Online team took an in-depth look at our needs, goals, and historical performance, and used that analysis to begin building highly focused, more strategic pay-per-click campaigns. They showed us how to work smarter in the complex world of online advertising.”
— Amy Hoey, Business Development Manager, de Bono Consulting
“Magnifi Online has been an excellent partner in SEM and SEO management. They were not only experts who provided an abundance of knowledge, they were also excellent at understanding the strategies of multiple brands and creating plans that met those needs, and the budgets. Easy to work with, very personable and helpful and also filled with knowledge! Thanks Magnifi, I hope we work together again soon!”
— Erin Dwyer, SVP Global Ecommerce, Social, Digital Marketing, Haven Beauty
“I appreciate the knowledgeable, professional, and friendly staff and their clear explanations of goals and strategies. They were able to fully develop my keyword and marketing goals while reducing my cost. I would highly recommend Magnifi Online to take your AdWords and Optimization campaigns to the next level. Thanks again!”
— Russ Salton, Owner, Baby Beau & Belle
“We turned all our paid search marketing efforts over to Magnifi Online, and they exceeded our already high expectations. A variety of campaigns were quickly and thoughtfully constructed, with frequent and transparent communication along the way. Results were explained to us in simple language we could understand, and our marketing efforts were further refined based on the results. Magnifi is a dream to work with - they have that ideal combination of intelligence and accessibility that’s hard to find with any business partner these days, let alone within the wild world of search marketing.”
— Jonathan Sills, Advisor, Oscar Insurance
“Search engine optimization is especially relevant for my real estate clients...We need to ensure their sites are found when potential clients are looking for them, and I’m confident that Magnifi Online can accomplish this through their advanced search engine optimization expertise.”
— Jon Varsano, Owner, Web Retool
“Magnifi Online does business with sincerity and integrity. Their team delivers what they promise, when they promise it — without exception. Their SEO and PPC programs have made a significant impact on our client’s online initiatives in both measurable response and tracked revenue. They are a cherished and valuable resource for our firm.”
— Elva Pellouchoud, President, Epiphany
“Magnifi Online has taken our search engine marketing campaigns to the next level. Their innovative approach continually leads to successful results, including a 40% year-over-year increase in conversions with a 3% decrease in Cost per Conversion! This dramatic improvement in our online marketing results, coupled with the great relationships we have developed with the Magnifi Online team over the last year and a half, allows me to recommend them to any company looking for results-focused, service-oriented search engine marketing solutions. In fact, we are so thrilled with the results and service Magnifi Online has delivered, we just signed another one-year contract!”
— Ron Grinblat, Senior Marketing Manager, Intuit
“The Magnifi Online team has taken us to a new level of Search Engine Marketing. With full tracking and optimization capabilities we now have the full picture and can understand the cost of each lead, which has exceeded our expectations.”
— Freddy Halcomb, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, The Peloton Boulder
“Magnifi Online is a true partner, delivering rich ideas, timely execution, and valuable results.”
— Jeffery Johnson, Director of Global Digital Marketing, Dermalogica

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