Video Ads

Pre-Roll and click-to-play video ads on YouTube and Facebook

If you advertise on TV, or if you have short (60 seconds or less) video assets, you should be promoting them on YouTube and Facebook. YouTube's "TrueView" product is a pay-per-view pricing model which "pre-rolls" your video to targeted users before their chosen video begins playing. After five seconds, users may skip the rest of your video. If they do, you don't pay a cent. But if they watch your video, you pay Google a modest CPV (typically under $0.25 per view).

There are a lot of cool ways to target your videos to just the right audience. Here are a few of them, and note that many can be combined to create laser-targeted audiences:

  • Demographics like age and gender
  • Keywords searched
  • Contextually matched to video content 
  • Retargeted to users who visit your website
  • Retargeted to users who watched your other videos

Getting people to watch your videos is easy and affordable with Magnifi Online. Contact us today to learn how we can help.